What Makes Melanie The right person to help you?



I know how it feels to be the odd one out.  Feeling as though you just don't fit in but not sure why? Feeling awful and not wanting to go to school, daily bullying due to my Dyslexia,  always feeling different.  Having your child socially isolated because they can not identify social cue.  Suffering mental abuse, isolation and belittlement whilst supporting your children's specific needs at school and in the wider environment.  Educating them to understand their challenges and to thrive in spite of them.


Having experienced this as a child, adult and parent, I believe this all happened for a reason and it has now become my passion to help others.




" The Talking Hat brings together all the skills, training and experience I have accumulated over the years, encouraging personal growth and healing as a natural alternative therapist. As a teacher and mentor to individuals and families who are looking for a alternative way to manage stress, anxiety, fear and behavioural issues.  The Talking Hat approach has been  designed for you to understand and accept your emotions and want to learn how to manage your feeling and behaviour through your mind, body and spirit with out the use of medicine".

M xx         

Melanie Liddle

founder of The Talking Hat



2005 - Reiki First Degree

2005 - Seichem First Degree

2005 - Reiki Second Degree

2005 - Seichem Second Degree

2006 - Aromatherapy Massage Diploma

2009 - Reiki Master/ Master Trainer

2009 - Seichem Master / Master Trainer

2019 - Emotional Freedom Technique Diploma


2019 - ADHD Awareness Certified L/3 Course


2019 - Mental Health First Aid Course(Adult)

2020 - Heart Emotional Freedom Technique

            Thought Field Therapy Certified




How we work together



Whether its a one to one or group session the approach is the same.

A full in-depth consultation with life style questionnaire will be completed on your first appointment. This gets all the important information down and a natural starting point to shine through. We will then talk through your reasons for your visit and Melanie will put together a personalized plan which she will explain so you both agree and understand what will be involved.


Melanie believes your mind, body and spirit need to be balanced and if any are out of sync it results in physical ill health, daily tasks can become over whelming, you can end up treading water and life becomes too much to deal with.  When issues have been around for a while or even years they will not disappear overnight.  Our aim is to work together to make a permanent change and not just a temporary one. Therapy can be hard work and each session will differ. We will work through this together, by enabling you to understand you have a choice and you have responsibility for your actions through out this process, I will help you connect and understand your emotions and how best to understand and work with them in your daily living so you can live the life you choose "Because You Matter".